Hieronymus Bosch(2) When he was only 13 years of age, Bosch experienced a catastrophic fire that consumed 4,000 houses in his hometown of s-Hertogenbosh. He established himself in the community as a popular painting that earned him commissions for works abroad. He joined the Brotherhood of Our Lady, which was a conservative pro-church group which included 40 prominent citizens of his town along with 7,000 members from all over Europe. Being Flemish, many of his works have been named in several versions due to translational difficulties and variety. He produced a total of 6 Triptychs with an additional 6 fragmented ones that have been separated and that have had some panels lost through the ages. Seventeen paintings, along with 4 in the Plazzo Ducale in Venice, that date after 1490. Most of the drawings he did constituted the bulk of his non-religious oriented work that number to a total of 23. His prominence and influence on Flemish culture has even earned him 63rd place in the election of the Greatest Dutchman of all times in 2004.

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