Jackson Pollock(2) As the strain of commercialism encroached on the artist, he was forced to move to a commercial gallery where he worked to fill the huge demand for artwork by the art market. As his work grew in demand, so did his ever growing dependence on alcohol. After quite some time, his alcohol dependence caused his death in a motor vehicle accident that occurred less than a mile from his home in Springs New York on August 11th, 1956. His wife, Lee Krasner managed his estate and assured that his husbandfs reputation in the art world remained strong and felt in spite of radical and swift changes to the art world. When she died, she was buried in the Green River Cemetery along side his husband, her grave marked by a small stone besides the larger one that marked her husbandfs.
The Pollock-Krasner house is now managed and owned by a foundation bearing the same name. The estate is administered to by the State University of New York at Stony Brook that conducts tours of the house and studio at regular intervals during the summer months. The most expensive piece of art that has been sold to date was the gNo. 5 1948h which was sold in 2006 for a staggering $140,000,000 to an undisclosed buyer. The artwork was previously owned by David Geffen, a famed film and music producer. Another collection of works is under study by experts who are trying to determine the authenticity of 24 paintings and drawings that were found in a locker in Wainscott, New York. Some scientists have suggested the use of fractals to authenticate the said works but speculations still abound on their authenticity. Another incident with a Pollock work had a truck driver purchase a painting from a thrift store for five dollars that could be worth millions on the art market.

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